Anna Schevchenko of the Ukraine has scammed a US breeder by selling them a dog with just 1 dropped

testicle and then refusing (*at this time of this writing) to refund the buyers full outlay and take responsibility of her highly immoral actions.

The dog in question was delayed shipping by weeks by Anna then when it did arrive at the Dallas Airport it was immediately visible to the person who picked it up to have 1 testicle.     It was found to have 1 testicle by myself when it arrived in Texarkana later that day.

The next day the dog was taken to a Licensed Veterinarian who also diagnosed the dog with 1 testicle.

My Husband has confirmed the dog has 1 testicle.

4 People now in the U.S. have seen the dog and ALL KNOW it has 1 testicle.

Anna was notified of the condition and immediately went into denial and defense mode rather than

asking for Veterinary Documents.

Her solution is for me to pay the high shipping fees to return the dog and pay for the dogs pedigree

(*which wouldn't of needed to be ordered since the dog has 1 testicle plus the fact that I haven't

even gotten the pedigree which I was assured would come WITH the dog at time of Shipping). 

Who needs a pedigree on a 1 testicle dog????????

So let's think about this. 

I paid nearly $3000.00 (*US funds) for the dog, The dog's Export Pedigree and the shipping from the Ukraine to Dallas, Texas.

Anna Schevchenko wants me to PAY to ship the dog back, pay for it's pedigree that I do not need and

TRUST her to refund PART of my money.  Yeah Right!  Scam me once and that's on you - Scam me

twice and that just makes me a bigger fool.


On another note from a UKRAINE bloodline.

A friend purchased a Min Pin pup from a lady who imported her dogs from the Ukraine.

Her pup has tested Positive as a Carrier for DM.

After talking to multiple breeders in the Ukraine I've been told 99% if ANY

Ukranian breeders do ANY genetic testing as it isn't required and it's better to not know then to know 

and do NOTHING about it.


~~ MORAL of this Story ~ ~

There are bad and immoral breeders in every country.

BUY from a breeder who actually CARES about what they are breeding and selling.

If a Breeder isn't doing Genetic Testing and breeding responsibily based on those

Genetic Test then RUN like the wind.

Buy from a breeder who uses a REGISTRY that CARES about the breed they are

registering and issuing papers on.

HPA is the ONLY registry I'm aware of that has taken the stand to protect

both the breed and the buyer by requiring Genetic Testing.

HPA breeders are REQUIRED to test for MPS VI, PLL and Cystinuria.

They are being highly advised to test for DM and we are working

toward it becoming a requirement as well.

Your GOOD Breeders are already testing for DM and breeding accordingly.




Ukranian Min Pin (*and other breeds) Breeder

I've learned the hard way.

In this buyers opinion ANNA SCHEVCHENKO is a highly unethical, immoral breeder who only

cares about the money and could care less what Genetics she is reproducing.

IMHO She could care less about stealing folks hard earned money by misrepresenting the

quality of her lines and sending the buyer a genetically defective dog.

The problem doesn't begin or end with this one dog.

The WHOLE BLOODLINE in question needs to be thoroughly evaluated

and dogs removed from breeding programs.