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Last Updated: 07/28/14

30 years of dedicated breeding and still going strong!

Scam Proof!
We do not hold puppies - We require CASH payment in full at time of pick up.
Puppies can be purchased for $75.00 per dog discount for 2 or more purchased at the same time.
Tail docked, dewclaws removed, Micro-chips available - We do NOT crop ears.
All of the pictures of the puppies we have to share are posted here.
We do not share pictures of parents or give out our pedigrees as we have had them taken and falsely used by others in the past.
Scam Proof!
Puppies may be purchased "As Is" or with a 72 hour well puppy check up replacement guarantee and a 5 year genetic replacement guarantee.
Puppies purchased without micro chip and breeding rights MUST BE altered by 5 months of age by contract - No exceptions.

ALL puppies sold with full Papers, breeding rights and a Guarantee of any kind MUST be micro-chipped before leaving our possession.

WELCOME to the Wonderful Kaleidoscope World of Miniature Pinschers and Harlequin Pinschers.
Run-N-Ridge is the one and only 'founding' breeder of Harlequin Pinschers.


Below are some pics of our puppies from the past!



We do have Puppies Available 

If you are seriously looking and ready to purchase a Min Pin or Harlie puppy please contact us.

Please have spoken with anybody who has a part in your decision prior to contacting us.

Please be sure you have the funds available to purchase a puppy prior to contacting us.

Things you will need to know:

1.  Puppies are sold on first come basis by pre-arranged appointment only

2.  Puppies sold without breeding rights are required by contract to be spayed/neutered by 5 months of age.

3.  Our dogs are from 4 to 10 pounds in size and our puppies usually fall within that same size as adults.

We have no way of knowing what the adult weight of puppies will be and we prefer to not take hap-hazard guesses on such.

4.  Puppies will have tail docked and dewclaws removed unless otherwise stated.

5.  All puppies leave our care with 1st set of shots and wormed.

6.  Puppies sold with breeding rights will be micro chipped prior to leaving our care.

7.  Text are answered the easiest for us but Phone Calls and Emails will be returned as we find time.


We have a transport headed to Illinois on August 6th.
Prepaid Puppies can be dropped off along the route for those willing to meet along the route on a set schedule.




Brown/Tan Merle
Harlequin Pinscher
DOB:  04/14

$650.00 Pet Only

$700.00 with full rights

Carries for all Colors!
Fawn Sired


Champion Sired by:
GCH Run-N-Ridges Mini Cooper

This fellow will make a wonderful
pet and an outstanding stud
prospect for a Harlie
breeding program.

Serious Inquiry Only Please!



Carries for all Colors!



This lil gal is spoiled rotten and she is fairly sure she should be
treated like a Princess.
She has an extremely unusual 2 tone red coat with darker red
and lighter red mixed in.

We had sunglasses but she kept pawing
them off!  lol!



FSS Harlequin Pinscher
Has white on toes and chest
DOB:  04/14

$300.00 Pet Only

Lodi is being sold as a Pet Only!
Sweet gal looking for a
forever home!!

Serious Inquiry Only Please!

If interested in Marsell

Please Text me

I have pictures of him on my phone



Red w/brown nose
Harlequin Pinscher
DOB:  06/14
Will be ready 08/01/14

$500.00 Pet Only

$550.00 with full rights



We have a transport headed to Illinois on August 6th.

If you are along the route or willing to meet the driver along his route

on his schedule we can send a puppy with him for no additional

shipping charge.

Puppies must be prepaid in full via Western Union or Postal Money Orders
sent via Overnight Mail prior to puppy being sent.

Serious Inquiry Only Please!








Brown/Tan Merle
Harlequin Pinscher
DOB:  06/14

$650.00 Pet Only

$750.00 with full rights

Serious Inquiry Only Please!

If interested in Faraday

Please text me

I have pictures of her on my phone

Serious Inquiry Only Please!



Miniature Pinscher
DOB:  06/14

$550.00 Pet Only

$600.00 with full rights


If your looking for a certain color, pattern and sex puppy

Please contact us and we will put you on our list.

La-La-La ... I love this lil gal!




Brown/Tan Merle
Harlequin Pinscher
DOB:  06/14

$800.00 Pet Only

$850.00 with full rights

Serious Inquiry Only Please!


Ready Now
$500.00 Pet Only
$550.00 w/full rights

Cute as a Button!

This lil guy is so much fun.  He is a hoot, playful and alert.

He appears to be going to have natural erect ears like his sire.

Serious Inquiry Only Please!

$800.00 Pet Only
$850.00 w/full rights

Serious Inquiry Only Please!

Rat Terrier - Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Page - CLICK HERE

Never Settle for Less:

Tested Parents:
All of our adult dogs have been:
1. Tested for genetic soundness (*PLL, MPS VI)
2. Tested for physical soundness (*Patella, Heart, Eyes, Hearing)
3. DNA
All of our micro-chipped puppies are backed by a 72 hour Well Puppy Check Up Replacement Guarantee
and a 'breeding rights' 5-year Genetic Replacement Guarantee

All of our puppies are purebred & Pedigreed.

Lengthy Documented Pedigrees
No hardship or foundation registration here!



You have the option of purchasing a puppy with limited or full papers thus with or without breeding rights.

See Purchase Terms and our Contract and Guarantee by clicking here.

We require signed contracts for the purchase of any of our puppies.

ALL puppies purchased with breeding rights are required to be micro chipped for permanent identification - NO EXCEPTIONS!


We breed only healthy and sound dogs.

We accept payment in the form of:
* Cash in person
 (*We do not hold puppies unless you are in-route to get one.)
All payments must be for exact amount of purchase.
We do not accept checks of any kind or any other method of payment.
Arkansas State Tax
The State of Arkansas requires that I charge 8.5% tax on all puppies sold that
are purchased and picked up in Arkansas or by an Arkansas Resident.


Puppies can be picked up in Texarkana, USA by the puppy buyer themselves by pre-arranged appointment.

Miniature Pinschers and Harlequin Pinschers in a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns.
Top of the line confetti coated Harlequin Pinschers.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
We will drive to meet a puppy buyer to the following towns FREE of charge:
Shreveport, Louisiana
New Boston, Texas
Arkadelphia, Arkansas
DeQueen, Arkansas
all other destinations will be charged on a case by case basis - by prearranged agreement only.


See our gorgeous babies from the PAST!




HPA is the only registry with the documentation of the founding lines for the Harlequin Pinscher.
Be sure you buy from a breeder who has stayed true to the breed and registers with HPA so that your
bloodline can be traced forever. Other registries accept undocumented look-alikes for registration.
Know what your getting and buy only HPA registered Harlequin Pinschers.
CKC - Continental Kennel Club registered dogs are not eligible for HPA registration.
Run-N-Ridge has never registered with CKC so if your buying a CKC dog with Run-N-Ridge name
your being lied to as to it's lineage - We have already seen several CKC with false pedigrees attached to them.
Keep with HPA documented dogs.


TEXT is the best way to contact us:
(*Please be advised that I am slightly hard of hearing so please bare with me if you call.)
ALL material, url, pictures, pedigrees & content on this website are COPYRIGHTED.
NO material, url, pictures, pedigrees or Content may be reproduced, copied or linked to.
NO permission is given to copy, link or reproduce any material, url, pictures, pedigrees

or content.

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