~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~​

 ~~~ HPA Harlequin Pinscher & Miniature Pinscher ~~~

Run-N-Ridge is the proud  FOUNDING Breeder of THE Harlequin Pinscher.

There are breeders who have copied the PATTERN but these are NOT Harlequin Pinschers.

A TRUE well-bred, proudly produced Harlequin Pinscher will be registered with the HPA.
Harlequin Pinscher Association.

Beware of those registering with other Registries claiming they have TRUE Harlequin Pinschers.

Talk is cheap and Pedigrees can/have been Forged or copied from other Breeders and used with

other Registries to Document Fake Harlies.

Don't be fooled by a registry trying to promote themselves by how many dogs are in their database.

There are 254 dogs in a 7 generation pedigree of just ONE Dog.

ALL TRUE PUREBRED Harlequin Pinschers have been required to be registered with HPA

since the Founding of the Breed.  Those being claimed to be Purebred Harlies and registered

with other Registries is either a lie or being bred by an immoral/unetical breeder who

has chosen to break a legally binding contract.

Being Banned from a Registry does not give an unethical breeder the right to break a contract.

All Run-N-Ridge breeding dogs are Genetically Tested and are breed responsibly based on those results.

HPA is currently highly recommending DM testing for all breeders and to breed responsibiy based on results.

HPA is the ONLY REGISTRY which is Founder approved for Harlequin Pinscher Registration

and is the ONLY registry which has the complete HPA data-base for the Harlequin Pinscher.

Our dedication to the breed shows in the quality of the dogs we have "CHOSEN" to breed.

​R-N-Rs motto is "If your gonna breed then breed to better the breed and not for financial gain".

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~~~ Rat Terrier ~~~

Run-N-Ridge is among the first 3 breeders of Merle Rat Terriers.
We were the among the first of breeders who saw the Rat Terrier as an outstanding breed

of dog and worth more than a Free Farm Dog.
Run-N-Ridge continued to breed Merle and Brindle Rat Terriers when UKCI caved in to higher-than-thou

newbie breeders who wanted the Merle and Brindle patterns eliminated.  UKCI notified me that my

papers on my Merles were pulled and no longer eligible with UKCI for registration.
YES - we had UKCI issued papers on them which were Eligible Papers one day and not worth

the paper they were printed on the next.   UKCI at that moment became irrelevant, unethical, immoral

and useless for Rat Terrier registration IMHO.
UKCI made a strict standard for the Brindles at that time which is RIDICULOUS as the Brindle Gene

nor the dog is able to read a piece of paper to know their only allowed to mark on the dogs head.
We have proudly continued to Produce ACR registered, Fully Pedigree Documented,

Outstanding Merle and Brindle Rat Terriers as well as those of all Colors and Patterns.

We proudly are sustaining breeders of the Merle and Brindle Rat Terriers.

Our Rat Terriers are Genetically tested for PLL and PRA and being bred responsibly.
We raise RAT TERRIERS and not the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier (*aka Type B)

~~~ Biewer Yorkie  ~  Yorkshire Terrier ~ Mosaic Yorkie ~~~

Our Yorkie Bloodline goes by the Bloodline name of ~Class Act.~​

Class Act is the ORIGINAL Importer of Biewer Yorkies.
We established the Biewer Yorkie Association in which to register the Biewer Yorkie here in the U.S.
As with all of my dogs I LOVE Colors and Patterns.
We raise Traditional, Brown (*chocolate), Creme, Piebald, Belted and Tri  Biewer/Yorkies.
Our Biewers and Traditional Yorkies are registered with the BYA.

We no longer have the Mosaic Yorkie.
The Mosaic Yorkie is the new European developed MERLE Yorkie.

These new on-the-scene Yorkies may or may not be full-blood Yorkie.
The Europeans have falsely stated these are Yorkie mutations to get the pattern but our

genetic testing has shown otherwise.   

From our testing we have results from being a Biewer, to Yorkie to cross-bred.

We firmly believe and common sense as well as Genetic Knowledge dictates that at some

point a MERLE dog of another breed was used to produce

the Merle pattern in a Yorkie bloodline.  

Amazingly - the Foreign Registries were the ones that started allowing Merle Patterned

Yorkies to be registered but in 2021 they have now banned Merle Patterned Yorkies.

The only problem I see is the lying which has taken place in proclaiming the Merle gene was caused by a mutation.

There is nothing wrong with developing a new pattern into a breed of dog.
So that being said - we no longer raise the Merle Patterned Yorkshire Terrier due to the fact

we could not produce the quality we had hoped for.

We absolutely LOVE Merle patterned Yorkies but could not produce the quality

we require for our own breeding program.

With this new classification of MOSAIC Yorkie they are now considered a purebred unto themselves.

Our merle Yorkie breeding program has been put on hold as the 2 Merles we purchased were

not of sufficient quality for us.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Our Miniature Pinschers are registered with the American Kennel Club

and are Genetically Tested and have Verified DNA on file with Orivet.

​As time goes along we will also get them all DNA'd with AKC.

​We have Miniature Pinscher looking pups in our Harlequin Pinschers line that can

cause confusion so please specify that you are wanting an AKC Miniature Pinscher

if that is what you are looking for.

Run-N-Ridge Need to Know PRIOR to contacting and/or Purchasing:

If your looking for a run of the mill dog then this is NOT the right place for you.

We breed & produce long time generational documented/registered HPA/ACR/BYA Pups.

We register our Harlequin Pinscher lines with HPA

  The ONLY registry with the full database of foundation and purebred Harlequin Pinschers.

Beware of those using an alternate Harlie Registry as "There IS a Reason - such as

Banned, DNA issues, Parentage Verification Failures ... etc ...
​You'll notice these alternate registries also tend to closely copy the HPA.

Our Rat Terriers are registered with the American Canine Registry.

Our Biewer Yorkies are registered with the Biewer Yorkie Association.

Our Miniature Pinschers are registered with the American Kennel Club.

We do not do excessive breeding of our dogs like so many others do.

Be diligent and do your research - don't support those over-breeding their Dams.

If your intentions are to breed a dog till it's no longer Profitable then please look elsewhere.

We do not breed based on the fact we have put money and time into an animal.

We do not breed CUTE - CUTE is a term for beloved Pets - not breeding dogs.

I do not breed bad quality, short-legged, barrel body type, round headed dogs - these type

dogs are NOT breed quality and should NOT be bred.

We have never had a Parentage DNA issue as we are very careful to allow only ONE male

​to breed our female in heat - It's Called "RESPONSIBLE BREEDING".

Excellent Quality and Health are the criteria of our breeding program.

We do not live off the money our dogs generate.  Both my husband and myself

have full-time jobs which pays our bills.  My dogs are a life-long Achievement

of conscientious production of Quality & Healthy Pups for my own Pleasure and Enjoyment

which I happily get to share with my new puppy owners.

We will not knowingly sell to a large scale breeder or a breeder who believes

every dog is breeding quality and breeds simply because they own one.

ALL pups purchased from us are required by legal contract to be registered with the breed

clubs we have chosen and are NOT to be dual registered with any other clubs/registeries/associations.

Offspring from ALL dogs of our bloodline are required, by legal contract,  to be registered with our chosen Registries.

That said if you see a Harlie stated to be from my bloodline (*Run-N-Ridge bloodline is the ONLY Founding and

Purebred Bloodline)  with any other registry it's either a lie or

being bred by an unethical immoral breeder who has chosen to illegally break a binding agreement

or from someone who probably knew they were buying from these unethical breeders.

We breed responsibly based on Genetic Health and the Quality of an animal.

We specialize in selling to Puppy Buyers who have the same morals and ethics as we do on wanting a

REGISTERED and GENETIC TESTED Bloodline for which an animal has a much better chance of

having a LONG LIFE with fewer health issues.

Our dogs have gone through 184+ genetic test in our attempt to provide our puppy buyers with the

​healthiest pup possible for many years to come.

We have made this page in the attempt to answer potential puppy buyers questions.
Please read through this page thoroughly.

I realize it is long and detailed but it is worth your time to read it in it's entirety.
Every puppy buyer is given the option to read this and is bound by it's content

whether they choose to read it or not.
If there are questions unanswered here please text me at


 ~*~ Serious Inquiries Only Please ~*~​

I've been told I get STRAIGHT to the Point and can come across as on the harsh side.

Please know that is not the case however I do take the breeding and sale of my pups very seriously and want only the best homes for them.

I do NOT have a "FORM" to fill out to purchase a pup.

I prefer to deal with my potential puppy buyers directly and not through a piece of paper/form.

1.  Please talk with ANYBODY who has a decision in your purchasing a puppy such as           Husband/Boyfriend/Significant other,  Landlord, Mother/Father ... etc.  PRIOR to contacting us.

2.  Please review our individual puppy breed pages  if your interested in purchasing a     

     pup and ready to pick up with 72 hours of the puppy being ready to go then please give us the

     NAME of the puppy which you are  interested in purchasing.  

3.  Please be aware that we DO require PICK UP within 72 hours of reserving on puppies ready to go.  


      B.  Total Cost of pup is due in CASH at Pick Up.

               (*I repeat CASH at pick up!)

4. $200.00 Deposit required to reserve a puppy that is not ready to go.  Cash App or Western Union

         are the ONLY methods of payment we accept for reserving a pup.

Puppies are NOT Reserved for any individual until which time we receive the


​Procrastination on sending Pick Up Info can result in puppy being sold to another person.

If you wish to reserve a pup then the Pick Up Date, Time and Location is due immediately.

I do not and will not hold a puppy even for an hour without Confirmed Pick Up Info.

I've simply had to many who thought I'd be willing to hold a puppy for weeks on end

until they decided it was time for them to pick it up.  It just doesn't work that way.
​Puppies are REQUIRED to be picked up within 72 hours of their ready to go date

unless we have agreed upon a different date PRIOR to a deposit, an agreement of

sale or the actual purchase of the pup.

Any puppies not picked up as scheduled will be made

immediately available to other individuals.

4.  Immediately after "PICK UP Info"  IS Confirmed we require to be notified with:
A.  Your Name

B.  Address
C.  City/State/Zip
​D.  Phone Number
Puppies are NOT reserved until we receive this information.

5.  Puppies are to be picked up by APPOINTMENT ONLY on a First Scheduled Basis.

The sooner you contact us for a Pick-Up Appointment the more likely you will be able to get

the date, time and location most convenient for you.

​~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


~*~ Prices are firm ~*~

We will stop communiction with those asking for a reduced price.

We do give $100.00 discount per puppy for multiple puppies purchased 

at same time AND ready to go at the same time.

We also give $100.00 discount on additional puppies purchased from repeat buyers.

​(*does not apply to puppies already reduced in price)

If your considering more than 1 puppy then it can help relieve stress and anxiety

of puppies by purchasing multiple ones at same time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


We are here to help you get started.

Buy 4 puppies from us in a 6 month period and we will give you

a 5th pup for FREE when one becomes available.

(* $1000.00 plus value).

​Buy 4 puppies at one time and we will give you 2 free puppies

when they become available.

(* $2000.00 plus value).

Those purchasing 4 through our Breeder Support

Program  will also be given

2 FREE ​HPA or ACR Litter Registrations on the dogs first 2 litters.

(* up to a $300.00 value)

Program is limited to pups priced $1000.00 and above and

those registered with HPA, AKC and/or ACR.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

​~~~ Pick-Up  ~  Delivery  ~  Meet-Up  ~  Shipping ~~~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pick Up:    Puppies can be picked up in Texarkana Arkansas/Texas.
A.  All puppies must be picked up within our Time Frames.
Please do not purchase a puppy if you can not arrange your schedule to meet ours.

Delivery:  We do not offer *to home* Delivery Services.

Meet-Up:   We have specific meeting points to meet a Puppy Buyer.
We bring only the puppy being purchased via appointment only.

Our meeting points are:

Shreveport, Louisiana
Mt. Pleasant, Texas
DeQueen, Arkansas
Magnolia, Arkansas
​Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Shipping:  We do not offer "Cargo" Shipping Services.

A buyer at their own discretion, responsibility and expense may:

1.   Hire a flight Nanny or Buyer Fly In
(*we will meet a Nanny or Buyer at the Texarkana, AR. or Shreveport, LA. airport for free)

* under extenuating circumstances and by PRE-ARRANGED we can meet at:
A.  Little Rock, AR. airport  for a $200.00 additional fee.
B.  Dallas, Texas airport for a $350.00 additional fee.

(*We will waive Airport Fees with purchase of 2 puppies being picked up at same time.)

We do not hold puppies for 16 weeks to meet United Airlines new policies.
We can NOT accomodate you with a puppy if your planning to fly United.
If flying into Dallas we highly recommend "Southwest Airlines" coming into Love Field.

2.  Hire Ground Transport. (*we will meet a transporter along a major highway in Texarkana.)

3.  Travel to Pick Up Pup.

​~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

What we do and don't do in relation to our Puppies

Puppies leave our care current on SHOTS and WORMED.

Puppies will have puppy papers for registration unless stated otherwise. 

We use only  
ACRHPA, BYA & AKC  registration services depending upon the breed.

Our Contract requires  ALL of our Puppies and any subsequent offspring be

required to remain with one of these registries.

Tails are docked at 2 days of age as well as dewclaws removed.
We can leave tail and/or dewclaws by FULL PRE-PAID Reservation.

We Do NOT crop ears.​​​​

MICRO-CHIP:  We Micro-chip all of our puppies PRIOR to leaving our care - NO Exceptions.
If you are against micro-chipping you will need to find another person to purchase from.
Our Micro-chips are registered to us.  We give buyers a form so they can ADD their name to the
micro-chip database as Primary Contact if they so wish.

Costing of adding a Primary Contact is a one-time fee of $19.95 which is buyers expense.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~~~ PICTURES - Videos - Face Time - Video Chat ~~~

The Pictures we have posted are the most current pics we have.
We would love to be able to take pics daily but I run a full scale farm

and my husband works a 40 plus hour a week job.

I do not take additional pictures on inquiries.

As I take pics they will be posted on my website or sent to puppy buyer.
I try to get pics bi-weekly of buyers puppies but that is not always possible.

do not take requested speciality pics such as in a certain pose, with a object ... etc.

I do NOT Video Chat or do Face Time.

​I do not take pic of puppies that are ready to go but have not been picked up.

I'm Old School

- raising Quality Beloved Puppies as a enjoyable Hobby and not as a 2nd Job.

I do not send Adult/Parent Pics to Individuals.
Adult pics I choose to share can be found
on my "Brag" page.

"QUALITY   not   Quanity"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~  HEALTH  GUARANTEE  ~ ~ ~
We give a 72 hour well puppy check up guarantee.
Puppy buyer has the option of having a well-puppy check-up guarantee by a licensed vet
withing 72 hours of leaving our care.
If for any unforseen reason the puppy does not pass the Well-Puppy Check-Up the Breeder
will replace the puppy with another puppy of same breed, gender and price as one
becomes available.  
We do however ask that if for any unforseen circumstance a puppy purchased from us has
any diagnosed genetic issue during its lifetime that we be notified.
We are NOT responsible for any Medical/Vet/Med expense once puppy leaves our care.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


Puppies are susceptible to Bacteria, Virus and Stress.
Puppies should be taken from the Breeder straight to your home and remain
Isolated to your home and immediate family until 7 days after it's 3rd round of shots.
A puppies immunity does not exist until it has received its full 3 round of shots plus 7 days.

Puppies are easily stressed and can become ill.
We recommend Honey Nut Cheerios as treats especially with Yorkies.

We also recommend Cottage Cheese and/or Plain Yogurt as a side dish with meals.
Once a puppy leaves our care we can no longer access its issues should it develop any.

We strongly recommend that you have a Vet which you have a strong relationship with
to be able to call or get immediate attention for any puppy not adjusting well.
The Shot record we give you should be copied and a copy given to your Vet.
Please do NOT allow your Vet to give needless Vaccinations as this could cause Immune Issues.

Occasionally puppies become depressed from leaving Mom, Siblings and an
environment they have known their whole lives and refuse to eat and/or drink.
This is a dire situation and new owner must be prepared to take the responsibility
and time to work with puppy or get it to a Vet.
Small puppies can become lethargic and/or hypoglycemic when not eating especially
the smaller ones and Yorkie puppies are known for stress related hypoglycemia
from not adequately eating  to keep their blood sugar up.

Purchasing 2 puppies to raise together helps reduce the stress.
We do give discounts for multiple puppy purchases.
Small children should always be supervised when around a puppy and taught responsible
ownership and handling skills.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~~~   FOOD   ~~~

Our puppies are fed DRY free-choice "Diamond Puppy"  Formula.
We do send home a sample pack for our puppy buyers to use to switch to

whatever food they plan to use.

In addition to the free-choice food they will be eating Pedigree Canned Chopped Beef
3-4 times a day with a side dish of Cottage Cheese and/or Yogurt.

Please be advised that any sudden change in diet can cause digestive upset.​​​

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~  PUPPY  PACKS ~ ~ ~

All of our puppies leave with their bags packed!

To insure all our puppies get off to a good start we send them home with
a "Puppy Pack".   Included in the Puppy Pack is a sample of the Diamond

Puppy Food, Treats, Toys, Bowls, Collar, Leash, Nail Clippers and a Blanket.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~  PAPERWORK ~ ~ ~

All of our puppies are sold on a "Contract & Guarantee"
which must be signed by both Buyer & Seller
(*sellers agent if they send someone to pick up their puppy).

Shot/Wormer record

Microchip Transfer Form

Puppy Papers for Registration
​(*if puppy was purchased with papers.)

A Puppy Folder with valuable reading material related to puppies.